The DPJ Big Summer BBQ

A flippin’ good way to fundraise

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The DPJ Big Summer BBQ

Throw some shrimp on the barbie...

Although Summer is a busy time for many of us in agriculture, when we get some down time to enjoy the company of others, what’s better than hearing those 3 little letters… BBQ? 

We all want to catch up with friends or family and kick back together after a hard day in the sun, especially with a cold drink and some hearty Welsh food in hand. That’s why this year we’re inviting you to get involved with The DPJ’s Big Summer BBQ. 

Coming together is great for our mental health, so why not share the load while you share the grill?

Grill & Chill

Get together with loved ones, old friends and new ones, throw some Welsh steaks on the barbie and support your community by getting stuck into your Big Summer BBQ pack. Downloading your pack is a great opportunity to make a donation or start a collection for The DPJ Foundation and support those in the community with poor mental health. It’s also a great way to back Welsh farming by enjoying some local produce. 

Simply download our BBQ pack and get the charcoal lit. Our pack is full of BBQ ideas, recipes and even some DIY bunting to get creative with the family!

Share The Grill

Hosting a Big BBQ is a great way to get talking and raise awareness of The DPJ Foundation. Inside the pack is the opportunity for BBQ guests and participants to learn more about The DPJ and if able, leave a donation, whilst attending the BBQ.

A ‘flippin’ good way to fundraise if you ask us…

So spill the sauce, get talking, make a date and host your Big Summer BBQ

Got a fully loaded burger? Share the load!

Don’t forget to share your Big Summer BBQ photos and videos with us on social media by using the hashtag #DPJBigBBQ 

We can’t wait to see those questionable aprons come out of the drawer (we know they’re out there)…

Get talking, get tagging, get grillin’