The DPJ Foundation Afternoon Tea

Do you want to help us?

At the DPJ Foundation, we rely on the farming community to help us: whether that is raising awareness and challenging the stigma, or being at the end of the phone to support those who need help.  Join us to bring people together this Mental Health Awareness Week over a cup of tea and a cake.

Let’s combat loneliness together.

The 9th to 15th May 2022 is this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is Loneliness. We are calling for people in Wales to don their aprons, dust off their cake tins and get baking and then most importantly to share their wares with their neighbours and friends over a cup of tea as part of “The DPJ Foundation Afternoon Tea.

If you’re at school, at work or at home and want to get involved, it’s as simple as putting the kettle on, putting on your apron and getting baking. You can support the farmers in your area by buying Welsh eggs, butter and milk as well as flour from your local shop to show your appreciation and even give them some cake or invite them for a cuppa.  This is a chance to bring people together, enjoy a cup of tea and a cake while having a chat and catching up and at the same time helping beat loneliness.

Register your event by emailing with the date, time and venue and whether your event is open to the public & download the free afternoon pack.


The DPJ Afternoon Tea Pack

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